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You know the feeling of buying a new pair sun glasses, the sales assistant tells you everything looks amazing and how the more expensive the pair is, the better and hotter you look. OK so fast forward 10 years and my while my youthful hotness is dissipating (ok not sure i really had but hey) my need for a good pair of sunglasses is more important. So here i am with my valued pair of glasses and i with a sense of horror notice that the lens over my right is scratched. But not just any old small scratch which could be ignored, this one is spot on in the middle of my line of sight and had they been a cheaper pair would have resulted in a quick trip to the bin. But i decided to contact the retailer and see if there was anytime they could. I made the trip into the store and asked for their advice. The young woman behind the counter barely acknowledged my existence and suggested that as they were quite old she didn’t think there was any real chance they would fix them. I pushed a little and she agreed to send them off to the company who makes them.

Two months later i call to harass the retailer, the new store manager answered the phone and promptly apologised for the poor customer service and that changes were afoot in the store. He promised me he would follow up on it – and a week later  I  get a call from him saying my glasses had been returned and I could come and pick them up.

So off i go – 15 minutes later i am standing in the store with a brand new pair of sunglasses in my hands with a note from the company informing they have replaced them with a brand new pair as goodwill offer.  So let me clarify 10 years later I have just had my sunglasses replaced free of charge.

Maui Jim

that is no way to run a business

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