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Just Stop Motivating Me

As we have all experienced, employee engagement can make or break a team. Many leaders complain that they don’t have enough time for themselves to be productive as they are always pushing and motivating their staff. According to sports and business psychologist, Gavin Freeman, organisations are asking the wrong questions. He believes individuals are always motivated but it is our underlying psyche which determines our ability to maintain or change our approach to motivation.

Why do we act the way we do? How can we create smarter work environments which will enable motivation to flourish? What is needed for employees to change the way they work?

Join Gavin as he delves into the human consciousness to uncover a wider motivational continuum which determines our ability to maintain or change how we approach work.
His second book, Just Stop Motivating Me, is the basis of this presentation and is the product of many interviews with various CEO and professionals (including the CEO of Deloitte Australia and Nelson Mandela’s personal bodyguard). The results are quite extraordinary and reveal why we should stop motivating people and instead create an environment where workers choose to motivate themselves and use their discretionary effort to benefit their organisation as a whole.

You will be given a questionnaire designed to help you understand your own motivational mindset and how to progress from there.

“I have been working in sports media for thirty years and Gavin is the best leadership coach I have come across. He is more than just “the Business Olympian”, he is a gold medallist. He is a brilliant motivational speaker and comes with my highest recommendation."

Craig Norenbergs, media and broadcasting professional (fmr head of ABC grandstand)

Building an Olympian Mindset

Building an Olympian mindset is achievable – but it will take everything you have to give. The beauty is that every person has the capability of developing their own version.

We explore deep insights into my model of preforming under pressure with a strong message on how you the individual can develop a resilient, focused, disciplined and motivated approach to life and work.

Walking away from this presentation you and your team will have specific examples the impact of pressure and how we can learn to block it out or even make it your friend. The presentation is designed to be highly experiential

Want to add an awesome experiential moment for your team – we can include an Olympian to demonstrate the ability to perform under pressure….. See clip below for a sneak preview.

“Gavin Freeman has years of experience working with high performance athletes and high performance corporates, as well. Gavin’s programs are a recipe for success and he has become the go to person for coaching at the top end of town”

Dr Ross Walker

Crisis Management - How Bruce Wayne Becomes Batman

By day he is a mild mannered billionaire, but at night he becomes the caped crusader to fight crime and protect the city and people he cares about. Crisis management by its definition is the ability to respond to a situation which you often have no control over, have little time to respond to, and likely don’t have all the information you need to make a decision.

Over recent times the impact of a crisis on a businesses reputation and bottom line has become the norm on the front pages of our newspapers, the butt of many comedians jokes and at the mercy of the twitter trolls.

This presentation will take you on an emotional and cognitive journey into understanding the psychology of a crisis, how we need to build effective plans to support your employees during a crisis and most importantly how your leaders need to pull on the Lycra, put their undies on the outside and become Batman

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Why Gavin?

I was once asked why I should speak at a conference – the same person then wrote this for the conference the following year.

Gavin Freeman – Does A Psychologist Understand Business?

When you attend a seminar on business or finance, Gavin Freeman would hardly be the first person you’d expect to be listening to. That’s because Mr. Freeman’s skills and training are related to the field of psychology. So why should those interested in learning about wealth creation, business or finance care what a psychologist has to say? Can someone with a psychology background really grasp the complexities of the business and wealth creation world?

Does Business and Psychology Mix Together?

Gavin Freeman may have specialized as a psychologist, but there are many aspects of his professional experience and working life that make him an ideal speaker on any aspect of work, life, business or finance. That’s because:

Gavin Freeman is a registered psychologist with solid work experience in the sports (Olympic level) as well as the corporate world
He has a Bachelor of Science, and Bachelor of Psychology from University of Western Australia
He also holds a Master of Psychology from University of Southern Queensland and has a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Deakin
His revealing book, “The Business Olympian” offers unique insight into the mindsets of elite athletes and outlines how these skills are relevant to today’s corporate world

Freeman uses his knowledge and experience to consult with leaders from across a broad spectrum of the economy to deliver workshops and seminars on Performance Mastery, Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, and Team Building.

Is It Worth Attending a Freeman Event?

Few, if any, professional speakers have a front row view inside the minds of high-performance individuals. Whether his clients are performing on the sports field or in the board rooms, Gavin Freeman understands precisely the mental state they need to make success happen. And that’s what he shares with his audiences.

Regardless of what field you work, study or associate with, your mind set ultimately determines your path to success. And the lessons learned about a winning mindset on the sports field are equally valid to achieve success in the board room. And that’s exactly what Freeman offers when he consults with clients or speaks to his audience.

Not only does Gavin Freeman understand the mental challenges that sports people face, but he has been highly successful at transplanting that understanding into the world of business and finance too. It’s no wonder that some of his subjects (clients) include senior level corporate executives and managers.

But for ordinary Australian’s looking for help understanding their inner greatness. You really will find out the difference between good and great and how you can create the pathway for success.