Just Stop Motivating Me


A positive wake-up call to the true value of motivation in the workplace

Rod Leaver, Chief Executive Officer, Lendlease Asia

This exciting book introduces the concepts of “motivation to succeed” and “motivation to avoid failure” as part of a wider motivational mindset continuum, the book delves into the human psyche and explores our reaction to failure as well as the variables that influence our motivation to succeed.

We are constantly exploring the difference between good and great and this book takes the question to the next level and explains the psychological angle. Good chance it is not what you are thinking it is!

With testimonials and interviews with CEOs, senior executives and coaches, Just Stop Motivating Me is bound to leave you feeling motivated and ready to take on the world. Interviewees include CEO’s of Coles, Deloitte, AIG, NAB and Lend Lease Asia, Dep Chair of ACCC, CFO’s of AMP and Perpetual, The head of the ICU at the Alfred and Nelson Mandela’s personal bodyguard

“Thank goodness someone wrote this book!”

– Dan Gregory, CEO, The Impossible Institute