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I have the ability to get my colleagues 'fired up' or motivated to succeed

I have a very strong desire to be successful in my career

Before a project I don't worry too much about what is going to happen

Others do not see me as an outstanding worker

I seem to work better when being observed

Colleagues respect the way I get the small stuff done

I would be willing to work additional hours in order to be a success in my career

I don't find it difficult to sleep the night before an important meeting

I often take loss or an uncuccessful event harder than I should

I don't seem to be as mentally tough as the rest of my colleagues

I work hard in my role in hopes of gaining recognition

I am nervous and fidgety right before a presentation

I enjoy having people see me perform

I enjoy making suggestions that will help a colleague acheive success

My goal is to become outstanding in my chosen career

Colleagues respect my leadership abilities

It is hard for me to stay calm before an important proposal

I am not pleased wih my mental toughness at work

I try very hard to be the best

Colleagues respect my persistence and determination

After an unsuccessful project, I find it hard to sleep

I usually feel buterflies in my stomach just before a presentation

Sometimes when I lose or fail, it bothers me for several days

When compared to someone of my own ability, I often fail more than I succeed