Don’t mix flying with buying

So after deciding to write this Blog on how businesses should not run in a way to ensure they will be ultimately successful I experienced my own moment of incredible service. I recently was invited to speak at a conference in India and while i am not a regular in-flight shopper I have my eye on a pair of the cheap sunglasses i had seen in the magazine. After getting comfortable I called the flight attendant  and enquired on the availability of the sunnies – to my dismay i was informed another customer had bought the last pair. He apologised and suggested that i should try pre-purchase the glasses on my next trip so to avoid disappointment. I took his advice and tried to do this online. Again i was met with some disappointment as I could complete my order online, I was left with one last attempt. As i boarded my return flight in Singapore i made a bee-line to first flight attendant i could find and put in my order. Unfortunately my disappointment was to continue as i was informed that due to limitation on space, duty free items were not available on this flight. To be honest I had now decided that the universe was telling me I shouldn’t have the glasses. I sat back down in my seat and in bitter disappointment flicked through the channels trying to find a movie that would cheer me up.

5 min later the cabin manager tapped me on the shoulder and apologised again, and followed up her statement by informing me there was a bottle of wine in the overhead locker and that while it wouldn’t protect my eyes she hoped it would make up for it.

So for the very first time  QANTAS, that is no way to run a business 🙂


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